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I am Anka from Rostock and be welcome at my homepage


I am very pleased that you discovered my recently revised website.

The idea was to introduce my works in a new style on the one hand and to get in touch with interested parties in painting and arts as well as to meet potential buyers of my paintings on the other.

On the website I introduce my works to you and I would very much appreciate your opinion and review regarding my paintings and the design of my website for discussion as well. I would be very glad to prompt your feelings, to inspire your imagination, to stimulate your thoughts and if you feel happy while viewing my pictures and paintings.
Some of my paintings are very emotional for instance the whole series “emotions”. Other themes have been such a great fun for me while painting or drawing and I hope that all viewers are immediately electrified.

And now, please enjoy
Yours sincerely

Malerin Anka bei der Arbeit