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Here I like to show you some things which are important to me for certain reason. Just use the links to get your own picture:

My best and most important art friend you can find at the german part of Fotocommunity:
This ist is my own account and here are my friends: at first of all my friend and mentor Dietmar Braun, Diana Klebs, G.Schulz, Graupi und Kodiakb├Ąr (with his own website). Realy each of these links is worth to visit.

In 2010 an exhibition called “Rostock kreativ" took place in Kunsthalle Rostock for the very first time. Between 2012 and 2016, I actively participated in that exhibition (except 2015) and I presented one painting every year. I am still impressed in the cultural diversity and the high level of the different amateur artist┬┤s artwork and I hope that this event will be established as a steady tradition in the future. Thus the artistic recreational activity of many artists will find a well deserved appreciation.

Since November 2012 Mrs. Elke B├╝rger and other regional artists established a common artist┬┤s workshop, the artist┬┤s hangout "Kunsttreff-Erkelenz". They offer courses in free painting, oil painting, drawing and producing sculptures as well as organizing exhibitions. You may visit one of the offered courses and you have also the possibility to rent a space in the artist┬┤s workshop to work together with them. This is a great idea from my point of view.

The german portrait painter Brigitte Guhle is offering workshops in Germany, Denmark, France, Italy and other countries. I attended one workshop in Italy in 2012. It was a great experiance for me and I learned a lot.

Faber-Castell Academy
I have successfully completed a three month course of studies at Faber-Castell Academy in Nuremberg (Germany) in 2009. From my point of view that was a lovely and informative time of my life.



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