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Oil and Acrylic paintings for order

You have the possibility to commission any works to me.
Therefore I offer works on oil- or acrylic based paint on canvas or any other conventional or possible sub fonts, watercolour painting, painting with pastel chalk, graphite-, polychrome- and coloured pencils.
Regarding the theme I am able to offer you a wide range of motives like city views, landscapes, portraits up to mural art and ceiling fresco.
Below you may find a brief impression and a small range of my previous commissions:


Prepared Oil- or Acrylic Paintings for family parties

In addition to the mentioned works I may offer preparation of paintings what may be finalized for instance by interested persons on family parties to you.
Therefore I will prepare an image with a motive of your choice on a canvas with dimension 50 x 70 centimetres. The canvas will be prepared by me with a ground coat, a grid pattern of an appropriate size with your desired sketch whereat the pattern will be pre-numbered by a template.
Using the template what is identically numbered and screened as the original one the guests may easily finish the image (quasi figure based painting). All materials including paint will be provided by me.
According to my experiences this kind of painting starts very slowly because nobody of the guests wants to disgrace oneself. But finally amazing memorabilia may come into being in such a situation and every participant has a share on the image.
Please find an example of such a prepared painting within the gallery on the right.